Get Schwifty: Broq/Palms Tour 2015

Palms Skateboard Supply and Brōq Skateboards pulled their resources together for a Labor Day Weekend North Florida Tour!

First Stop, Panama City, Fl! The tour kicked off with a short stay in Panama City. The reason for the season? Bachaeolor Party. One of Micah’s friends, Josh F. was celebrating one of his lasts night as a freeman. drinking, camping and shark fishing. The Broq Boys couldn’t miss out on this…

Reunited! Micah and Josh are getting stoked! DSC_3251



The guys at Brew Bus USA made sure we stayed hydrated on this trip! Thanks for the support! IMG_1016


Last one out, last one up… DSC_3304

The hangover cure… Swordfish Burritos at Finn’s Island Style GrubIMG_1033

The faces behind the burritos. They’re down with the Brew Bus!IMG_1034

After burritos, the Broq Boys packed up camp and headed to Jacksonville, Fl to finally get down to skating.

The luxurious accommodations IMG_1061

One of Macky’s finer moments on the trip… IMG_1071

Next we got to spend the day at Kona! DSC_3305

Macky is getting too turnt and Coach Papa Bear has some constructive criticism. DSC_3329 DSC_3320

Some of the local shredders got in on the session too! DSC_3331

Good Vibes and Good TourDSC_3361

You can check out the actual skating here…

End 🌴

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