Bro Bowl Reunion Competition!

This last Saturday, Palms Skateboard Supply helped sponsor the Bro Bowl Reunion Competition! It was a rad day with burgers, bros, and lots of bowl skating. We wanted to share the killer bowl skating that happened this weekend!

The community that formed around the legendary Bro Bowl is doing their best to keep the park’s memory alive. All these dudes are awesome because the keep skateboarding in Tampa fun. Thank you to the sponsors who helped make the event a success! A big shout out to Brōq Skateboard, Zombie Queen Skateboards and Palms Skateboard Supply! Also, thank you to event organizers Nick and Kevin. These dudes pulled together one great event!

Event organizer Nick, was keeping everybody well fed before the competition. DSC_3395


George was helping run the Palms product table. He thinks its ok to lay down on the job: Kickflip to primo… DSC_3397

Kona the competition pup was getting down with some grub. DSC_3394

A happy Palms customer! DSC_3415

The Brōq Boys were representing well! DSC_3414

Warming up before the competition.DSC_3406DSC_3408


In Bro Bowl fashion, the competition remained light-hearted. Everyone threw down their best runs in an tiring two minute competition format.

Kevin with a FS tailslide.DSC_3418


Zombie Queen team rider, Branden was getting some heavy grinds the whole day. DSC_3422

The music was poppin, so was his FS tuck-knee airs over the hip. DSC_3423

Paolo was the dark horse in the competition. He pulled together some runs with a lot of flow and technical tricks. DSC_3425DSC_3431DSC_3433

Showing off for the judges! DSC_3435

Everyone was bringing their best game! DSC_3437DSC_3446

Zombie Queen rider Chris, was out there representing well! DSC_3536


Palms Club Member Macky got  in on the action. DSC_3526


Everybody falls…DSC_3456

Brōq team rider, Timmy Solomon threw together a pretty great run with some classic bowl style. DSC_3466


Abe getting pitted in the deep end. DSC_3476

Sometimes its fun not landing tricks. DSC_3481


George Jr.  stood out as the youngest competitor. He put together a consistent run. DSC_3486DSC_3483

Rolling in! DSC_3566

Nothing better than a cold beer after long day! George utilizing the Palms X Zombie Queen collab koozie. 12168117_768509436609222_2115750820_n

Brōq Team rider, Micah Overton helped judge the contest, he’s busy giving the prize table a good look over. DSC_3574

First and second place winners,  Paolo and Timmy were stoked to walk away with some goods! DSC_3589 DSC_3603

Once again we want to thank everybody that came and hung out with us! Thank you for  the support and keeping skateboarding fun!

🌴 Thanks!

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