A Happy New Years from Palms!

This week some of the Palms Club Members took a quick trip over to Orlando to end the year with a bang. Here’s some trip photos from our little day trip.

A healthy start to the day. DSC_0100.JPG

Testing our luck with some scratch cards. DSC_0103.JPG

Quick warmup at Candy Land Skatepark. DSC_0109.JPG

Jared coming through with the BS FlipDSC_0129.JPG

Macky coming through with the angles. DSC_0124.JPG

Carlos bring back the Boneless 180. DSC_0134.JPG

Micah’s got the kickflips on lock. DSC_0142.JPG

We finished out the day at the at the Orlando brick quaterpipes.  Unfortunately we didn’t take any pictures… Some sessions are too fun to document. IMG_1641.PNG

Life’s rough when you forget the tripod…. Obligatory group shotDSC_0153.JPG

Macky stepped up and is woking on a sick handy-cam edit! Coming soon!



Happy New Years everybody 🌴

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