Word Up: Collin Hale Interview

After a bizarre tinder date ended early, I decided to go to Cigar City to grab a few beers. As fate would have it, I would meet Warco Skateboards newest pro. After a few beers and a few parties later, it turns out that Collin Hale is more than just a gnarly skater. Palms wanted to catch up with Collin about his first Tampa Pro, skating in Vermont, and craft beer.

LS: Collin, hows it going dude? How is everything post-Tampa Pro?

CH: Life has been good after Tampa Pro, It still feels unreal to actually be a pro skateboarder.

Mostly when I am home in Vermont I am working as a sous chef and trying to film on my days off. Most recently I have been battling to film an ender for the Warco video, hard work out on those streets. Haven’t gotten it yet….

IMG_2107.PNG– Collin in the second heat at Tampa Pro

LS: Congratulations on turning pro! How was your first Tampa Pro? 

CH: Thank You!! My First Tampa Pro contest was super memorable for me, just skating next to all the big dogs was pretty crazy (Shane O Neill, Chris Cole, Nyjah, ect…) . All the people from back home were sending me tons of love and good vibes. Thank you Hannah and Dave (Owners of Talent Skatepark/Shop) for having a live showing of the contest/ party/ hype!! I used to do the Tampa AM contest every year from about 2004-2008. So I at least have done big scale contest before this like that. It is always hard to control the nerves when it is your turn to take your run. Just have to try and stay relaxed, and land the first trick no matter what. The after party scene for Tampa pro was very cool this year. One of the highlights of the trip was the Mark Gonzales storage space Art show at the Boardr. Super random items and really cool doodles, paintings, board graphics. A hot spot for all the industry guys , who were all fanned out as well.



LS: Do you want to talk about Warco for a minute? Whats are you dudes about? It seems like a pretty heavy roster.

CH: Warco skateboards is a smaller scale skater owned board brand based out of Los Angeles California. The main focus of the brand is to support the real diehard skateboarding of a tight knit crew of rippers, and to progress what is possible on a skateboard. The team consists of my brother Cody Hale, Jordan Maxham, Daniel Knapp, Ryan Alvero, Paul Flores, Norman Woods, Adriano Lachovski, Zane Timpson, Dustin Blauvelt. The team is super gnarly underground and above ground rippers, who all really make their mark felt on the streets. They have all been filming hard for this upcoming video , SUN MACHINE. April 24th it premiers at the crest theater,  1262 westwood blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024. Show times 8 pm and 9 pm. This video will be historic! Be there if you can.

LS: Its also pretty wild that you have been coming to Tampa for so many years. I recently watched one of your parts. You skate that 3-stair gap on USF thats right in front of my office. Are you currently filming for anything?

CH: I have been coming to Florida for many years, it seems like each part I have put out throughout the ages has some Florida clips in it. I am not 100 percent sure which part you saw and what trick it was also, but it could have been “Good things come to those who skate” , a 2010 Travis Card / Symptoms Collective film. Other recent parts would be “Cut and Dry” by filmmaker James Buchman 2012/13. Also there are several other parts that I have up on youtube.com that could have some Florida spots in it. Lately,  I am focusing on filming my last few tricks for the upcoming Warco video, SUN MACHINE. Wrapping that up by the time you get this.

LS: How was filming for that? Where did you film?

CH: I love filming tricks! So amazing when it all works out. I used to travel all over. Have spent a good amount of time in San Francisco a few years ago, I seem to find myself in Florida a lot, Montreal is really close to Vermont, Boston is also pretty close to Vermont. But mostly these days I stay around this state and try to get the crusty tricks on some crusty spots. Footage from Vermont is super unique, nothing else looks like that!

LS: Speaking of skating in North East, are you the only pro to come out of Vermont? Whats the scene like up there?

CH: I am pretty sure there has been one pro to come out of Vermont, Tino Razo he was from southern Vermont. But there will be at least a handful of Vermont pros soon, I feel anyway.

The skaters who got really good here, for the most part have all moved to California to pursue the dream of becoming a pro. People like Jordan Maxham, Chris “Cookie” Colbourn, Marshall Heath, Dave Abair, Dave Mull, Steve Mull, and my brother Cody Hale. The scene up in Vermont for skateboarding is surprisingly very strong. The crew always skates together, and everyone is positive and encouraging for all the generations. When I was a young skater dude coming up, I really looked up to the older skaters and they were mostly cool and showed me the way. So now a days hopefully I and others can reciprocate that and keep the love going. It also seems like people who grow up skating here have a very different mind and approach to skating as a whole. It is a unique place , with very specific spots and rough ground and weather. Like for example it rains almost as much as Portland, Oregon,  almost half the year, and it is also winter for like 6 months too. Ha, I am not complaining, I love the  challenges it brings, and it makes you truly appreciate every chance you get. People don’t waste the nice days here.

LS: You also work as a chef at a classy brew pub right? Got any good beer recommendations before we close out this interview?

CH: Yes, I am a sous chef ( which is like the #2 chef in charge) and I  work at a very classy restaurant/ beer bar in Stowe Vermont called Doc Ponds.I am in the kitchen so we make the tasty food to go with all the amazing drinks.  We focus on the best draft beers and bottle list from the local area , as well as what is available from the world. Ciders, wine, and craft cocktails are also a large focus. This is the third restaurant from the owners of Hen of the Wood, which have been nationally recognized for over a decade for stellar local food done perfectly. Front of the house service experts as well as multiple James beard award nominated chef Eric Warnstedt. So I highly recommend coming to Doc Ponds and/ or Hen of the Wood at two locations.

The beer in Vermont is highly regarded as some of the best in the world. We are known for one of  the best top rated beers in the world,  double IPA Heady Topper from the Alchemist Brewery. Also  a few years in a row Beer Advocate has awarded brewer Sean Hill from Hill Farmstead, the best brewer in the world. They are out in Greensboro, Vermont. People travel from all over the world to come to Vermont to taste his beers. Other fine breweries from Vermont would include, but not limited to, Lawson’s Finest Liquids, Zero Gravity, Lost Nation, Hermit Thrush, Four Quarters, 14th star, Good Measure, and more popping up all the time. The craft beer scene up here is off the charts! So plan your beer vacation now and come take the tour!

LS: Any last words? 

CH: Thank you to everyone who has helped me get to where I am at now. My parents , my beautiful girlfriend Aimee, My brother Cody Hale out in LA. Thank you to Warco skateboards and Ira Ingram over there. Thanks Jordan and Cookie for the constant inspiration. Thank you Jersey Mike for the support over the last few years. Thank you Hannah and Dave Woodsy, for the skatepark and the shop support. Always had my back. Thank you Seth Neary for always showing love. Worble crew , you dudes rock. Too many more to name here, But thank you everybody and LOVE!! Thank you Lawrence Shaw for making this happen, it was great meeting you / hanging and enjoying some good times in Tampa. Hope one day you get the chance to check out Vermont. Would be honored to have you!  Come check out the Warco video if anyone is in LA on April 24th , other than that ,  Take care everybody ! Stay safe and drive warm. Peace.

LS: Thank you Collin for sitting down with us! Keep an eye out for Collins part in Warcos newest video Sun Machine. Also, keep your eyes for Collins new pro board and other fine Warco products in the Palm’s shop!  🌴

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