Guest Post by Nick Murphy: Florida Vert Series Recap – Stop 1: Merritt Island, FL

Unfortunately the Palms staff can’t be everywhere at once… On a positive note, the florida skateboard community is filled with talented writers and photographers dedicated to capturing the important moments in the scene. Nick Murphy of Domain was kind enough to be our first guest writer and talk about the first stop of the Florida Vert Series.  – LS (Cover photo originated from the Florida Vert Series Facebook page)

NM: This past weekend was the first stop of the Florida Vert Series in Merritt Island, FL. The event was full of ripping skating from heavy hitters such as Collin Gram, Ben Johnson, Keith  Baldassare, and Steven Pineiro. Skaters from young guns to veterans flew in from all over the U.S to go head to head at Paradise Skatepark in Merritt Island, FL for the first official stop of the Florida Vert Series.

The Embassy Skateboards crew was holding it down for Texas and Oklahoma, Jack Winburn from the north east ripped all day, and even some rippers from the west coast made it out; Kevin Reynolds, Josh Rodriguez, Darren Navarrette and Jimmy Wilkins even made appearances throughout the day. Demonseed Skateboards and Domain Premium Apparel held it down for Florida with their riders taking top 3 in almost every division. After the event, when the grommets and parents cleared out, the after party kicked off! Complete with a killer after session and live music by Florida’s own The O’Holleran’s and Concrete Criminals.

This is the first official year for this contest and it’s already shaping out to be a KILLER contest series. Completely grassroots and organized and managed by Bob Umbel, Adam Effertz & Mark Lake,  it’s an example of skateboarders taking initiative within their community and giving back to strengthen the skate community as a whole. It’s rad to see the once thriving underground skate community in Florida making some noise again! Let’s keep the fire burning! Next stop of the Florida Vert Series is May 28th at Ramp48 click the link here to sign up!


Woodward Scholarship Awarded to: Christian Frazier

 Longest 1 Truck Grind: Collin Graham – 20ft

 Best Trick on the Extension: Ben Johnson – Stalefish Egg Plant 540 “The Ben Over”

 Highest Air: Isaac Crawford – 8.5ft

12 & Under:

Reef Orlando – Age 11

Riley Patterson – Age 12

Grace Marhoefer – Age 12

Nash Barfield – Age 8

Logan Radd – Age 9

Shaye McInnis – Age 12

13 – 19:

Christian Frazier – Age 13

Jake Yanko – Age 14

Julian Lewis – Age 19

Nathan Midgette – Age 14

Parker Buxton – Age 14

Trey Ownes – Age 16

Felipe Duarte – Age 13

20 – 39:

Eric McGuiness – Age 25

Tyler Coffman – Age 26

Gary Morris – Age 26

Brandon Avery – Age 23

Ed Dottavio – Age 31

Tyler Russell – Age 27

40 – 49:

Rodney Mead – Age 47

Brian Drake – Age 44

Steve Workman – Age 42

Buck Smith – Age 48

Travis Beatie – Age 42

Brett Snyder – Age 45

Steve Hauck – Age 43

50 & Up:

Henry Gutierrez – Age 51

Bob Umbel – Age 50

Tommy Leggett – Age 52

Mark Buncy – Age 52

Dan Brown – Age 54

Robbie Weir – Age 50

Mark Carpenter – Age 53

Russell Morrison – Age 52

Mike Rogers – Age 50

Mark Lake – Age 58

Open Sponsored:

Steve Pineiro – Age 19

Jack Winburn – Age 13

Collin Graham – Age 19

Ben Johnson – Age 26

Kevin Reynolds – Age 26

Juan Pineiro – Age 18

Isaac Crawford – Age 19

Will Cortez – Age 19

Keith Baldassare – Age 20

Ronnie O’Neal – Age 26

Dylan O’Neal – Age 18

Brandon Yarborough – Age 22

Zack Castillo – Age 19


Check out the photo and video recap below.

Photos by Howie Gordon

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