Word Up: Michael Tilley Interview

A few weeks ago we caught wind of an Orlando based skate film which featured a few of Domain’s team riders. After a little digging around, we stumbled into some clips from Michael Tilley’s full-length Outsiders. This video was so rad that we wanted to catch up with Michael to talk about Outsiders and his new film Escort. (Cover photo by Max Kreger)

 LS: Hi Michael, thanks for sitting down with us. How is it going?

MT: It’s going great! Thanks for having me for this interview.

LS: No problem! Before we get into it would you like to take a moment to introduce yourself? 

MT: Of course, I’m originally from Baltimore, MD and moved down to Florida about 2 years ago to go to film school in Orlando. In the first few months I went to the local skate park “Candyland” and met Danny Miles and Trey Sylvester and the rest of my crew and we began filming the full length “Outsiders”.

LS: As of recent you have put out two full-length videos. The first one is Outsiders and most recent Escort right? I’ve seen outsiders and it was super heavy.  What’s up with Outsiders?

MT: Yeah, Outsiders was a great time. It seemed to just start without having an idea or even a title to the video. I met all the guys for the first time when I moved to Florida and we just connected and started filming. Word spread throughout Orlando that we were making this film. Most of the guys in this video had never had a street part. It was like an introduction to the skate community for them, which is pretty much why we call the video “Outsiders”. We started really taking it seriously overtime and went out on trips every weekend and spent late nights out filming. It took about a little over a year to finish. It was my first full length that I fully filmed and edited.

LS: How was the Escort premier?

MT: Escort premier was tight. It was at Spacebar in Orlando, which is this tight bar a lot of local films are shown at. The place was packed and everyone seemed very hyped on the film.

LS: How does Escort differ from Outsiders? 

MT: Escort is pretty different than Outsiders. Escort uses VHS effects and a mixture of vaporwave and club music to create a more urban feel than outsiders. I wanted to make another video right after Outsiders was done but I knew I only had about 5 months left in Florida before I graduated film school and planned on moving out of Florida. Even though we had limited time making this film that didn’t stop my crew from putting out another full-length film. I really liked how Escort came out.

LS: Got any good stories from filming either of the films?

MT: So many trips and good times. I just really loved going on skate trips, during both films we went to almost every major city in Florida. Nothing really beats going to a new city with a group of friends and skating all day and night long. Miami trips were always the most memorable. There are so many spots and things to see down there. Miami spots are almost meant to be skated haha.

LS: Do you mind if we pick your brain on the current status of filming on skateboarding?

MT: Not at all, let’s get into it!

LS: Who’s filming are you most hyped on right now?

MT: So many people are killing it right now but the main people I find myself watching are Johnny Wilson (Horny), Cory McNeil (Squad Massage), Nick VonWerssowetz (LurkNYC), and Jackson Casey (Pyramid Country) just to name a few.

LS: VX or HD?

MT: Both! I love watching both formats; they both have their own feel, which is love. I honestly am considering buying a VX at the moment but need to save up some cash first!

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 12.24.06 AM– The boys who put in work for Escort

LS: Thank you for sitting down to talk with us! What’s next for you? Do you have any last words?

MT: No problem! I plan on moving up to Brooklyn, NY to pursue film and hopefully make another full length up there. I never will forget the good times I had in Florida! Shout out to everyone that has supported me and filmed with me during “Outsiders” and Escort”.

LS: Thanks again to taking the time to talk with us. For more news from Michael Tilley check out his instagram and his youtube channel. If you want to pick of both of his videos head over to the Palm Shop!

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