Word Up: Nick Murphy

The Palms staff is beyond hyped to carry the freshest threads coming out of Central Florida. We recently sat down with Nick “Mailbox” Murphy to talk about Domain Clothing, Florida skateboarding, and the next “biggest” trends in skateboarding. (Cover Photo: Gio Fournier) 

LS: How’s it going? Thanks for talking with us!

NM: Things are going well getting everything ready for our summer 2016 line. Stoked to be chatting with the fellas at Palms Skateboard Supply!

LS: Would you like to introduce yourself? 

NM: I’m a 26-year-old Satanist…. Just kidding. I run and operate Domain Premium Apparel and I’m a skateboarder of 20 years.

1466044_179662648894029_740092337_n.jpgPhoto: Nick Nicks

LS: How did you get the name “Mailbox?”

NM:  Funny story, I was learning Monty grinds at my buddy Bill’s bowl in Orlando and hung up on one and smacked my dome pretty good. I was supposed to meet up with another buddy and skate his backyard ramp directly after that.  So I got my shit together and got in my jeep and drove from Orlando to Oviedo pretty concussed. Probably wasn’t the best idea… haha

I pulled up to my buddies place and as I pulled up I knocked his mailbox straight off it’s post. Ever since then it’s been Mailbox Murphy.

LS:  Would you like to talk about Domain? 

NM:  I’m El President; I do a lil bit of everything from designing, sales, skating, marketing, events, and even running to the post office to ship orders from time to time. We’re located in Central Florida.

It took a couple days, I initially had another name picked out but changed my mind. I was reading through the dictionary and stumbled across Domain. Inspired by the definition “a specified sphere of activity or knowledge.” And digging on the fact it was visually strong, I rolled with it. We’re focused on representing and influencing the unique subcultures within skateboarding, music, and art. We’re doing something we believe in and customer satisfaction is our main goal.

LS: I really dig the Watcher’s tie-dye shirts.  What have you been most excited to put out recently?

NM: That design is one of my favorites, it’s the second time we’ve run it. This time around it was on the acid wash. The first run was on black with a pocket hit and the Eagle from the dollar bill on the back. “The Watchers” tee does really well.

I’m really hyped on this upcoming summer line. We’re introducing some new things and aiming to produce our strongest line yet.

LS: Who wearing the threads? 

NM:  Right now Jimmy The Greek, Jake “Poptart” Welch, Douggie Death,  Marse Farmer, Jake Yanko, Mat  Call, and Steven Pineiro to name a few. We got a pretty hefty crew. I got mad love for all the fellas.

1926240_219124484947845_10047581_oPhoto: Nick Nicks

LS: Didn’t you guys just go on tour?

NM:  Yeah we hit this rad private indoor ramp in Melbourne, FL and then cruised to Cocoa Beach, FL to skate my homie Keith’s backyard skate park. Tight transitions everywhere shit keeps you on your toes, but wicked fun. We’re filming webisodes of our travels, next up is either Tampa or Miami, we haven’t made up our minds yet.      

LS: Whats the best part about going on tours and skating in Florida?

NM:  Florida’s got a rad skate scene, I’m originally from Massachusetts and Florida has a lot more to skate in comparison. Plus it’s year round and it doesn’t hurt that Team Pain builds masterpieces all over this state.   

LS: With your keen eye for design and fashion I was wondering if you had any predictions for the next biggest trend in skateboarding? (Fashion, tricks, or anything else?)

NM:  I think Donald Trump hats will continue to take off.

Eh, skateboarding’s fickle. Before you know it, it hits you in the face.

LS: Which Florida shredder will be the next to make it big?

NM:  Pedro Delfino , Jake Yanko, Steven Pineiro, Jake Welch, Marse Farmer, and any of the fellas on the team. 

LS: Thanks for hanging out with us and sitting down to talk! Any last words?

NM:  Thank you to all of our supporters we’re hyped to be able to keep providing killer threads for you all!

11203148_375822865944672_9187546757261629054_n (1)Photo: Mike Edwards

Follow Domain Premium Apparel on Instagram (@domain_apparel) and head over to the Palms Shop to pick up some Domain gear!  Check out the full Domain line on their site!

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