Word Up: Ryan & Tyler Lodzinski

The Orlando skate scene is a hotbed for talented skaters and filmers. NOTIONS premiered a few weeks ago and we sit down to with the Lodzinski brothers to talk about their latest film.

LS: Hey guys! How’s it going?

TL: It’s going good! Thanks for having us.

RL: Everything’s going well!

LS: Would you guys mind introducing yourselves? 

TL: I’m 23 years old, originally from Columbia, SC. Didn’t live there for long and moved to a couple different states, but wound up in Florida around ’04. Soon after coming to FL is when we started getting into skating. Lived in Ocala for eight years and Orlando for the past four, but I actually just moved to Pennsylvania a few months ago.

RL: As Tyler said, we’re both from South Carolina but we’ve been living in Florida since we were about 10. We moved to Orlando a couple years ago for school and I’ve been here ever since.

tyler nosegrind.jpg

FS Nosegrind – Tyler Lodzinski

ryan wallride.JPGBS Wallride – Ryan Lodzinski

LS: Congratulations on dropping NOTIONS! How was the premier? 

RL: Thank you! We premiered the video at Spacebar here in Orlando and it went really well. A bunch of friends and skateboarders from the community came out and everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

TL: It was great! The place filled up and everyone was hyped. I was stoked on the turnout.

Notions Premier at Spacebar in Orlando, FL IMG_1185.JPGIMG_1178.JPG

LS: Who was on the roster for the video? 

RL: The video featured the both of us, Dakota Berube, Adrian Fullerton, and Beau Haines.

TL: Yeah, they all killed it. Super fun guys to skate with.

LS: It seems like you guys did some traveling for this video. Where did you end up traveling?

TL: Yeah, we basically traveled all around Florida to film. Ryan and I actually did trips to both Miami and California, which were really fun. Filming wasn’t really our primary focus in Cali, but we still managed to get some stuff out there. Ryan shot most of the Super 8 footage in the outro on that trip. 

RL: We mainly stayed around Florida for this one but we visited a bunch of cities like Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Gainesville, and a few other places throughout the area. I think there may be a Pennsylvania clip or two in there, as well, from when Tyler moved.

LS: This isn’t your first video is it? How long have you two been skating/filming together?

RL: We made a video before this called Collective Behavior. But, we’ve been filming together ever since we started skating 11 years ago so we’ve worked on a bunch of smaller projects throughout that time. Both of us film and edit and we usually split things up half and half. I like it in that it gives us the opportunity to each put forward ideas that the other might not have thought of on their own.

TL: Yep, we’ve been skating and filming together since the very beginning. We’re both always filming, but in terms of editing we usually try to split our projects up to where I can edit half of the parts, and he can edit the other half.

LS: Do you guys ever disagree over creative decisions in the process of skating/filming? 

RL: I feel like our style of filming and editing and what we like is pretty similar so that’s always a plus. But there are always times where we may have a different vision for something or see it a different way. It’s really just about compromise and figuring out what works to make us both happy with the finished product in the end.

TL:  For sure. Not too much, but there’s definitely been times where we’ve had different opinions on song selection, or where to put certain tricks within the edit, for example. We usually find a way to compromise, while still capturing both of our visions. Ultimately, we don’t put out an edit unless we’re both happy with it.

LS: Any future videos in the works?

TL: I haven’t been able to film as much since moving to PA, but I do have some things in the works with Ryan. We try to get as much footage as we can together anytime that one of us visits now.

RL: I’m actually working on a new full-length right now, which I’m pretty excited about. It’ll feature everyone that was a part of Notions as well as some new homies as well.

LS: Thanks for doing this interview! Any last words? 

TL: Of course! Shout out to everyone in Notions and thanks to all who bought a DVD or just spent time watching the video.

RL: I agree with Tyler. Thank you to anyone who’s supported our work in any way. And thank you to Palms for having us for this interview.

Conclusion: For more Orlando shredding Follow the Lodzinski Brother on Instagram @ryanlodzinski  and @tylerlodzinski!  Go watch NOTIONS!

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